Time flies

Yes, yes, yes, it has been a while since I posted something. Time flies ... at warp 9.99999 or something like that.

The year started out with a lot of changes. Changes at work mostly, new organization structure, new tools, new schedule. I think I now slowly settle into the new schedule and I like it. It gives me ... hopefully ... some extra time. I work three weeks for one customer, one week on site, two weeks from home, and one week for a different customer.

Besides that we slowly started with spring cleaning of the house. We still are not really moved in 100% and it is now almost a year. There is still a lot to do and I do hope that we quickly get to it.

My permanent residency is also moving along. I had to do a physical exam. First with a doctor asking me about my medical history, doing the usual checks like height, weight, coughing and so on. Next up was a x-ray and a blood test. All was good. I also had to get a Canadian and German police certificate. Since this week I have both now and will send them out to the law company this weekend. I am on the road this week so it has to wait.

To look forward to what is coming up ... celebration season. Lots of birthdays so will be busy with having fun and socializing ... poor me ;-).

On a completely different side note I think about moving this blog from blogger to wordpress on my own page. Main reason is that I would like everything to be more together. Maybe will do that this weekend if I have a bit of time. I looked around a bit and found one article that described a bit more than just the move of the data, which seems to be pretty easy.

Maybe I just do the big band one day and see what happens.

I wish you well,

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