Movie: Divergent

So tonight I saw Divergent. I had looked forward to it and had some expectations for it. Maybe that is why I am not that impressed by it. It is a bit a of Hunger Games with some Enders Game, Inception and Equilibrium thrown in. On top of it it drags somewhat. It basically consists of three parts. The 'before the training', during the training and afterwards. I try not to spoiler anything though the trailer itself already did that to some degree.

The setting is also not really logical to me. We have a world after a great war, "only" survivors are in Chicago which is surrounded by a big electric fence. I say "only" because I find it strange to assume there are no others. There is also not explanation for the fence above that it keeps them safe. Safe from what? It reminded me a lot of the electric fences in Jurassic Park.

The divergent. So basically there are 5 fractions. Scientest, Warriors, Farmers, Social Workers and those who always say the truth. Don't remember what they all were really called but that't what they basically were. So at a certain age everyone gets tested to see what group they fit in. Reminded me a bit of Harry Potter and the hat that decided which house one belongs to. Then comes the surprise: Everyone can still choose which fraction to join. So why the test? Just if you are uncertain. Now the interesting part is that the test can be "unconclusive", if you fit in more than one fraction. That is bad because then you could not be controlled. So far, I would have said ... ok, make sense ... somewhat. However there is one thing that makes the whole hunt for the divergent ridiculous .... there are fractionless ... people who joined a fraction but were not good enough. So on one side you have those who do not fit in one because they are not good enough for any fraction, but those we simply let run around as beggars. On the other side you have the divergent which fit in every fraction ... they need to die! What? Why?

So story had holes for me, but I was entertained at least.

I wish you well.