Winter is back

That's just about my Luck.

A week ago I had to get my car fixed so thought "Hey, we are in BC, in the Fraser Valley. Mild climate and stuff ... winter is probably over so why not get my winter tires off." Man was I told. Started snowing last weekend and it snowed the WHOLE weekend. We had lots of snow and ice. Good thing the "summer tires" are actually all season.

Besides that life is going on. Seems both customers I work at right now want to extend me. We will see how this plays out. Nice thing would be that I would be one week in Edmonton, two weeks home and one week in Victoria. No contract is signed yet so I am not holding my breath just yet.

Work is a bit chaotic at the moment. We switched to a new system to put our work hours in and there are the usual problems in the beginning. Access, config, where is that now? You can see already that things stabilize which is good.

I wish you well