Motorolla Moto X

A while back I recommended the Moto X. Heard a lot of good things about it. What I did not know was that at that time it was not available in germany.

I read that Motorola is now sold to Lenovo and that the Moto X didn't do as well in the market even though everyone seems to give the phone a thumbs up. Out of curiosity I wanted to have a look today, checking out the various versions and the price here in Canada. I now know WHY the Moto X is no success.

First of the website. Nice and coloful but to get some specs about the phone you have to really dig. You can find them on the support page where it says that there is a 16GB and a 32GB version . You can get the 32GB version only online .... or maybe not. The thing is I select the product and can select a reseller, Future Shop, Best But and Rogers. All have it but only the 16GB version and ALL with contract.

I didn't even look for 5 minutes and already lost interest, not because it is a bad phone but because getting the one I want is apparently impossible.

I wish you well


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