Unisphere and Java

Let's face it, java was a good idea but it failed. The idea was to have a sandbox where you can run code independent from the operating system and hardware. Unfortunately newer java versions don't run older code properly. Either because the API changed or because of a security feature that now prohibits what this particular code does.

That is less critical with things that are easily updated (well somehwat) but it is a real pain with "appliances" that don't get updated constantly, like for instance storage systems. You do not install a new firmware on your storage system just because there is a new java version out.

For EMC and Unisphere there is at least a solution that is somewhat manageable and has in fact several benefits: Unisphere Client. You basically install the web page on your local machine and just talk with the VNX or NS through the API. The advantage is that you only have to get one Unisphere to run and not 1.0 on your NS and 1.2 on your VNX (or what ever versions you have on your storage systems). Those usually require different java versions and they are usually also not somewhat current. You can easily update the client on your machine and keep Java somewhat current.

The other benefit of using the client on your machine is that you do not stress the storage system with retrieving it from it and what is even better you have the same look for all your storage systems.

Is it a perfect solution? No, but it is as good as it gets with web GUIs.

I wish you well