Second canada christmas

My second Christmas in Canada. Last year was special because it was my first Christmas away from germany. This year I wasn't even home. This year the Farleys and I went to Toronto to visit Kens side of the Family.

Jen had everything well planned with the flights. Hop into the plane just before midnight, boys can sleep while we fly, arriving at 7:30 am in Toronto, get the Rental an drive to Kens brother Richard. Maybe she didn't tell the airline about the plans ...

When we stood at the checking someone said that the plane was already an hour delayed. That was around 10:00 pm last saturday. So I decided to check the website. Well, it wasn't an hour ... new departure time was 3:45 am. We weren't happy. Meant entertainment program for the boys for the next hours at a time when they are usually asleep. Good thing is that everyone got a 10 $ voucher to spend in the airport, only two shops open where Timmy's and Subway ... ok, so midnight snack from subway.

Plane was then 'on time' and we left at 3:45ish. The flight was ok, only Mason was upset when he didn't get a head phone so instead he flirted with the woman beside him. Jamie on the other hand was really excited to see it all ... till the plane left the ground. He didn't want to go into outer space and the plane should go back down right away. Eventually both boys fell asleep and we had a peaceful flight.

Of course the day wasn't over. We had to wait extra long for our luggage and of course there was nothing close by to get something to drink or a snack ... or we didn't see it. We got the car and drove off to Port hope. I could already feel that my cold got worse.

We already knew that there was no power when we arrived. The bad weather had cut the power off but it was back later in the evening.  The house was full of people that had to abandon there homes because of the outage but at least we were finally there and could settle down. I was a bit worried because Internet still was down and I had to work on Monday and Tuesday, but it was back up again around noon on Monday.

At least I got one old Christmas tradition in. Well kind off. Christmas eve (germany time) I called my mom and sister via skype. They were at my aunts house. Only thing that was missing was Jacky. I miss that little bugger and I missed her especially since Richard has two dogs here.

Christmas day and boxing day were big Christmas dinners. I was so stuffed but we had a good time. Took a bunch of pictures and will eventually post them.

Now it's friday and another work day for me. Tomorrow we leave again. Lets just hope there wont be any more flight delays.

I wish you well