Back for a while and what happened since then

So I am now back from Germany for a while. It was a great visit. Was good to see everyone again. Felt as if I never had left. Especially seeing something like this.

Or when your family does something like this.

Then there was of course the good bye at the airport.

I also got a new camera. Tulay was pretty surprised when I just shot a bunch of pictures in a row. That thing is fast.

Unfortunately I haven't taken as much pictures as I wanted to, but the rest of the pictures can be viewed here.

It was also good to come back to Mission. It feels home by now. First couple of days I worked from home. When Jen drove me to the airport to fly to Edmonton I could already feel that I would get sick but hoped it wouldn't be to bad. Was out on Tuesday and Wednesday and stayed in the hotel. Man it got cold too. Temperatures are down to -25 C in Edmonton. That's more the Canada most people think of when they think about Canada.

By now the cold is gone, only the cough remains. Probably will take again some time till I got rid of it.

I wish you well

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