Visiting germany

First of all last Thursday was Halloween, my first actual Halloween. Yes I was in Canada last year during Halloween, but I wasn't at home. So I wasn't part of all the kids coming by and walking around. This year I was at home and we had a great day.

Friday was then the big day. My plane left Vancouver at 10 am. So got up before 7 am. Boys weren't up when we got up, but shortly before we left Mason woke up so I said goodbye. Jen drove me then to the airport. Thanks again Jen for driving. We had a quick breakfast together and then I headed off. The good thing was that the first flight was a national flight so you don't have to be there too early and the luggage was checked through. The trip was long but I arrived in Nuremberg at 10am the next day.

My mom and sister picked me up from the airport, we drove home. First time I actually saw the new place. It is nice but not very big. So I can understand why they looked for a new place. We had a quick lunch, Bratwurstsemmeln, then I had a one hour nap. That was really necessary.

We headed then out to visit family. Leni was very shy at first but she warmed up somewhat quick. Had a good afternoon but was really tired in the end. We had Leberkaese for dinner and I was in bed by 8pm, slept till 10am the next day. Yes, I was exhausted.

Sunday we had Rouladen for lunch, together with Semmelknoedel und Blaukraut. Was very good. In the afternoon family came to visit and in the evening I went out to meet friends at the Amadeus. Was a great evening. Was good to see them all again.

Today was also busy, my mom and I went shopping, then my Cousins birthday party and finally meeting with SMD and Alti at McDonalds. God how I missed the Big Tasty and the McRib ... anyways. Back at my moms now, did a bid of talking with her and now winding down. Tomorrow will be busy, couple of phone calls and visits.