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Like many other companies EMC allows it's employees to read email on their phones and like many others you can also bring your own device. With that however there comes one problem. Like many other companies too you give the company a lot of right on the device. Basically your company gets full admin rights on your phone. From the companies point of view that is the right thing to do. You read emails, have appointments, maybe tasks and other things that have valuable information and this information needs to be protected. On the other hand do you really want to give your company that much control over a device that you bought?

Well, I don't want to give that much control. There are apps, that basically create a secure sandbox. The company gets full control over that sandbox an you stay in control of the rest of the device.

I have my Nexus 7 now and I also bought a cover with a bluetooth keyboard for it. Not because of work but because I wanted one for all the typing I already do on it. So it would be perfect to read and write work email on it too. Lot more comfortable than on the IPhone (ugh) and I don't need to constantly dial in via my laptop. I tried two options. Touchdown and Divide. The two are somewhat different.

Touchdown is more like a classic email app. Just like outlook you have your tabs for mail, calendar, tasks and contacts. It has a lot of options and you can configure it a lot. However I found that the look and feel was somewhat ... old. It reminded me of early versions of Outlook or Kontact. It worked rather well but you also have to pay 20$ for it. Not much for a business app but at the same time not the amount of money I wanted to spend to read and write workemails

Divide on the other hand is more like a virtual machine or a second desktop. You have to set it as your default launcher and you can tell Divide what to use as your launcher. You basically get two workspaces. First is your privat work space. Basically what you already had on your device. The second is the work workspace which basically is the Divide homescreen. You can activate an option that double clicking the home button switches between the two. The design looks modern but there is not a lot to configure. I assume that companies could give you an app store for Divide and you could install company applications. On top of this Divide is free.

So my choice was to stay with Divide now. I like the second desktop and the simple design. It has all the things that I need. and for those who need to track their work time, it even has an app for that already on board. I didn't play with it but I find that to be a good feature.

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