Visiting Germany

Yes, I will visit Germany this year. Will arrive in Nürnberg on November 2nd at 9:50. Leaving again on November 10th at 11:25.

Plans so far are that I will meet my family on Saturday and Sunday Sunday evening I want to have a good old "Stammtisch" at the Amadeus. Then will see what is in stock during the week. For Friday I plan on being in Nürnberg/Fürth. Maybe having lunch with Markus and Tom. Maybe swinging by at the EMC office and then heading to Fürth. Maybe at Atos to see my former colleagues. Finally then to the Andalusischer Hund and spending a nice evening there.

Either I meet up with Tülay, Stephan and Ruben also on Friday, but that might get tight or during the week. Saturday then again with family.

I am looking forward to meet everyone.

I wish you well