Unisphere for VMAX

We got a new VM yesterday, gatekeeper already assigned to the VM so all I had to do is get the software onto the machine. First of course the good old Solutions Enabler. Download from the website, install, done.
Got the licenses and put them in right away.

Then came the second part. Installing Unisphere on the Windows 2008 Standard Edition VM. Download package and install. During installation it asks for a initial user. We are not using the default user "smc" at the customer. So put in our user, installed and pointed my browser to the web interface. Only problem: What is the password? It didn't ask me for one and since it is a Unisphere user it wont get it from somewhere else. Login with smc, password smc. That worked but of course, smc was not the initial user.
So deinstall Unisphere again and install it again with smc as initial user. Login, Yay! Message that the user has no right on the attached VMAX, NAY! 
So gave it the rights via command line. Created a file with the following contents:

assign user smc to role admin;

and executed it with

symauth -sid XXXX -f users.txt commit

Checked Unishere again ... nothing. Maybe if I waited 30 minutes or so it would have worked but decided instead to reinstall Unisphere again. Logged in, YAY. I see a VMAX. 
I created our standard user, gave it our password and logged in with it. All worked.
So back to the command line, new file:

delete user smc;

and again execute with 

symauth -sid XXXX -f users.txt commit


Last steps was then to start the collection of the performance data. Worked right away (we already had the SPA license installed.)

All in all a success.

I wish you well