The weekend

This weekend was now full of up and downs. Watched RED 2 on friday (see other post). We were at Jamies first football game (see other post). Saturday night my cousin messaged me that Jacky, their dog died. I had hoped to see Jacky again next time I visit Germany. Unfortunately that will not happen now. She was a good dog and I had a lot of fun with her. Will miss her.

Was up pretty late and had hoped to talk with my mom and sister but they didn't come online during my night. Instead I had the chance to talk with Lous, Silke and Leni. Was nice to talk with them. Was up pretty late and slept till 1pm. So missed when my sister messaged me in the morning.

Then there was the flight to Edmonton. We left Abbotsford a bit late. When we were almost in Edmonton the Pilot told us it will be bumpy because of heavy rain. It was a bumpy ride, rain and lightning around us as we came down. Then the real fun began ... waiting on the airport for roughly two hours. Because of the lightning they weren't allowed to get the luggage from the plane. So getting my luggage, driving to the hotel, checkin in, parking the car, getting into my room and it suddenly was almost 3am. At 7 am my alarm went off ...

I wish you well