My quest for the best possible online storage solution finally brought me to ownCould. I will use ownCloud for some of my data. It is really easy to setup. There is a web installer. Put it on your web server, point your browser to it, answer a couple of questions and you have your ownCould server up and running. Simple and easy. I usually do not use the admin user for synchronization and create a extra user for that.
Nice thing about ownCould is that it also has Versioning.

There are clients for Android, iPhone, Linux, Mac and Windows. Everything works as good as the software from the big cloud storage providers like Dropbox.

The big plus for me is that companies don't block it because it is a https connections to a random domain. So I can get around the little problem of figuring out which one works and which one doesn't.

I also think it is a bit more secure since it is on the own webserver. Chances of getting things stolen are as high as with the rest of your website. In general you should never put something onto a cloud storage service that has privat information. If you do at least encrypt it and please ... don't use the same password as you use for the cloud storage.

ownCould gets a big "Thumbs up" from me.

I wish you well,


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