Clinton war 2013

So my vacation is over. Had a great time during the last week. Met new people and had an exciting time.

During work week I was recruited as a water bearer. Was a hot week and made sure that everyone drank enough. I chose to be pretty aggressive to make sure that everyone drank enough. "Drink or die" was one of the sentences. I even got Conn McRoy to drink a bit of water. I am pretty proud of that and he even survived it .... but barely. Because of all this I had the nick name "Water Nazi" after the first day. They better all drink enough next year again or they will see how much of a "Water Nazi" I can be ;-)

On Friday there was a handfesting. Was a great ceremony.

Was done just in time for the before the storm. 

Saturday was the big war day. Getting everyone ready for it and then the start. Was sunny but thunder rolled in the distance already. That's also when I got bitten by Bentley. I bled a bit but nothing serious. I probably misjudged the situation a bit. 

Magnus/Ryan also delivered the two "Bison" he hunted down to the Ragabash.

They were a bit skinny ...

Saturday was a relaxing day and we spent Monday with packing and cleaning the camp site. 

I think this picture describes this week best ...

The rest of the picture can be found here.

I wish you well