A week with a good ending

The last week was pretty ... event less. Which in itself is probably a good and a bad thing at the same time. However the ending of the week was somewhat interesting.

Yesterday one of the electricians that I contacted earlier this week called back. We need to get the conduct to the electric meter extended. As it looks like it wont be cheap. That was more the negative part.

On the other hand there we had friends over. Dave and Moe showed up on Thursday. They were again here yesterday. We had a somewhat spontaneous party. Rick and Jen where also here. It was good to see them again. It really has been far too long.

Only bad thing about the part was that we were up late and we had to be up again this morning at 7:30. Jamie had a football game at 9 am and we had to be there be 8:30 am. Was up in time, showered and woke the rest up.

Was a nice sunny morning and Jamie had a lot of fun. Don't ask me who won the game. I have no idea at all. Afterwards i talked with my mom and sister and then a bit of shopping. I needed new shoes and then a good nap. It was necessary.

Already looking forward to next Thursday. The day my Nexus 7 should arrive. I probably will head with it to Walmart. They have a case with a keyboard for the Nexus 7. Would be perfect.

I wish you well.