Task manager: Migrate Astrid to Remember the milk

I've been using Astird for some time now. Why Astrid? Because I need the following features:

Unfortunately Astrid was bought by Yahoo and they decided to simply shut it down. On a site note: Why buy a service if you plan to shut it down? I'f they use parts of it for their own, that's fine. But nowhere I saw: "Hey, Yahoo has this task management thingy and parts of Astrid will be used there." If there was something I might have used it. So instead I looked around a bit. The only one that seemed to have the functionality I want was Remember The Milk

Ok, new service found, now migrating everything. Found this little description. Was happy to see that there was a perl script also. So went with that Method. I've downloaded it and also added the little patch that is on that website. The script with the patch and a little modification from me can be downloaded here.

Here the necessary steps to migrate to Remember The Milk:
It's not really the smoothest and easiest migration but at least it works. 

I wish you well.