Remember the milk is not the solution

So I've been using Remember The Milk now for a day and I am not really happy with it.
First of all if you do not pay (which I would consider if the rest wasn't an issue) you can only sync your mobile once a day .. at least I got a message yesterday that I had to wait.

The other things are that you have that overview page with "Today", "Tomorrow" and "Overdue". If you clock on one of your task list and have to edit it there ... So it is a constant back and forth. The other thing is that you only see Todays tasks in today. Not the Overdue. I prefer to see every thing that is on my plate today. Things that are timed for today AND are overdue. I don't want to click around.

It does have a pretty powerful search but you can not save searches. That would make things a lot easier. I could have my custom searches and work with them.

One other thing that Astrid had and that was a really nice feature was that you could not only share lists, you also could assign/take tasks or have them unassigned. The good thing was if it was not assigned to me I didn't see it in my todays tasks. Keep them out of my way but I can still manage them.

So I think I will continue my search for the right Task management system. So far these are the features I would like to have:

Some of that could be also done by a saved search ... an intelligent list so to speak. 
If anybody knows such a tool, feel free to let me know.

I wish you well