Visit from Germany and Fathers Day

My mom and my sister arrived a week ago from Germany. Sat down with them every evening after dinner and just talked. I enjoyed having them here with me. Will see them again next weekend and then they will fly back home next week. Will have to visit Germany again. Hope that I will be able to do that in October or November.
We had an awesome dinner on Saturday. My mom and I made Rouladen with bred dumplings. It was awesome. Everyone loved it. Well, I assume the boys liked it too even though Jamie ate it without gravy and Mason was full soon.

Sunday was fathers day. Every year there is a big car show in Mission. Took a couple of pictures. Here some examples:

Yup, my mom  and my sister ...

Old Ambulance ... I heard the ghost busters theme song in my head ....

Nice paintjob ...

And here the rest of the pictures:Fathers Day 2013

I wish you well


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