Lots of changes

It has been a while since I posted something. Main reason is that I was busy. VERY busy. A lot of things happened. First the new house. We moved in on the 17th. Well we started the move on May 17th. Getting everything over, cleaning, packing, unpacking ... It is still not everything unpacked and some things need to be done. But the house is awesome. Of course it is, after all I bought it. Lots of space and I do like how the rooms are laid out.

Then there was my birthday. Celebrating it during the first days of the move wasn't easy. Balancing between what had to be done still and getting into the mood for it. Didn't work all that well but well enough. Then there was Matts birthday party that ... kinda didn't happen and finally Jens birthday and birthday party.

On top of that I started to work for a new customer in Edmonton. Means I have to fly there and back. I promptly mixed things up, am and pm. So the first flights were rather ... subperfect ....

I do like working for the new customer. They have a huge environment. Spread out over all of Alberta. So a huge area is covered with nice toys. I slowly start to get a feeling for the environment and the issues there.

But the real stress is just ahead of me. My mom and my sister come visit ;-)
I am excited about it and look forward to see them again. Actually see them.

I wish you well