Goodbye ...

Last weekend was the last one I saw my mom and sister. They will fly home tomorrow and I am in Edmonton during the week. It seems we established a tradition now. When the arrive the first time we go out we go to Boston Pizza. Last day before they fly home we go to Boston Pizza together. I could think of far worse traditions.

Since last week we are in a bit of a escalation. Lots of Rain in Southern Alberta, cities were evacuated and data centers were shut down. As far as I know there was no damage to an equipment. I tried to contact my mom and sister last Thursday because I also got a heave rain warning for Kelowna. They were there last week. The highway was apparently closed on Thursday but open again on Friday so they could meet me in Mission.

All in all that vacation was rather unfortunate for them. A lot of rain and on top of hat heavy hail in Germany. My sisters car was protected but not my moms. She is already worried on how it will look like.

Besides that, life is good. Clinton is coming closer, only one month left till my one week vacation. Looking forward to it.

I wish you well,