Demon Cycle: The daylight war

Yesterday i finally finished reading this book. I waited for some time for it and when it was released I somehow didn't find the time to read it. I try not to say too much about the contents. After all I do not want to destroy the experience of the book if someone decides to read it.

If you haven't read the first two books I of course strongly recommend to read them first. After all it doesn't make much sense to not read the books of a cycle in their order.

I do love this cycle. It is somewhat different than the usual fantasy books. It is a medieval world. Every night demons materialize. There are different kind of demons witch can do different things. Fire demons which spit fire, air demons which can fly, rock demons which can grow huge and have a thick hide. The only protection people have against hose demons are the wards. There houses and properties are surrounded by them, protecting them at night. Different wards can do different things. There is one ward that turns the fire of a fire demon into a cool breeze. Many wards were lost and forgotten over time. Of course you can also fight those demons with swords and other weapons, but because of the number of those demons and how strong they are most people decided to hide at night.

When I again picked that book up last night I couldn't stop reading it until I read the whole book. It was early morning when I stopped and I am already eager to read the next book.

I wish you well