New house

Today it is official. We will move in one week.

I didn't mention anything here yet but I bought a house. Closure date is the 16th and it is mine on the 17th. in other words my birthday present for this year is a new house together with the excitement of moving on my birthday and a mortgage! Yay me!

I think by now it should be clear that I plan on staying for longer. Just in case there was any doubt. I like it here. People are nice, some things are a bit ... crazy. I will never understand why cheques are that much used in Canada and why it is so difficult to transfer money. In germany I simply give someone my account and bank number and the other party can simply transfer me the money. Not here. You can transfer money pretty easy within a bank but to a different one ... no.  You can email money, depending on the institution this costs. You can only pay bills from your account directly if the bank put in the receiver before.

But anyways. The house .... here is a little video I tool a while back. Didn't turn on the light right away when I went downstairs, so that part is rather dark.

I wish you well