New work permit

So last Friday I finally got all the papers for my new work permit. To actually get it I had to go to an Immigration Office, either at the airport or the border. So I asked the company which took care of everything what the best way would be. They told me I have to actually leave Canada and then come back to get it, so I should go to the border, leave for the US, go shopping and then come back.

So yesterday afternoon I jumped into my car and drove to the border. What a mistake. As soon as the US border patrol saw that my old Work&Holiday VISA was expired they refused me entry. The nice thing is they gave me a paper that I was denied entry into the US and then they send me to the Canadian border. There things went rather smooth, only thing was that my Passport expires in September 2015 so they only gave me the permit till then.

WOHOOO, I have my work permit till September 2015.

On the bad side from now on when I want to enter the US and they ask "Do you ever have been denied entry into the US?" I have to say "Yes" and explain it. GREAT!

I wish you well