Movie: Oblivion

I was a bit sceptic about that movie, simply because the main actor is Tom Cruise. On the other hand Morgan Freeman has also a part in it. The trailer didn't look bad either so I decided to watch it. I should have listened to that small voice that said "DON'T". Was it a boring movie ... no. Was it exciting ... no. Was it funny, sad, love, hate, horror ... no. It simply was a movie that you can watch without getting too bored by it. Maybe because you constantly hope that something exciting will happen.

Without any spoilers I can basically say it is a boring version of "Independence Day".

Now the spoilers begin, so best don't continue to continue to read or maybe do ...

You first meet Jack and he tells you the story, then you meet Victoria. Their memories were wiped before there Mission and they know it. While Jack seems to rebel a lot and has the obvious gut feeling that something isn't right, Vic is more excited that they soon will be done with their Mission. So right from the beginning they take away that moment where the audience discovers "Hey, wait a minute. Something is fishy here". It just gets more and more clear.
A "ship" with survivors go down and the drones Jack repairs starts to kill them all. Well not all, one of the survivors reminds him of a woman he sees in his dreams. Later we learn it is his wife. Eventually he discovers that the radioactive zones he always kept clear of are in fact zones where exact copies of him and Vic do exactly the same. He gets told that in fact they serve aliens who steal all the earths resources, mainly the water. They first build a army of Jacks that wiped out "everyone". This is phase one. Phase two then was to let drones protect the ships that collect the water and have them also hunt the remaining humans. Jack and Vic are there to maintain those drones, thinking the other humans are actually aliens ...
That is where i thought, Why? Why use copies of humans. Yes that alien space ship seems to be just a robot, but it has to maintain itself any ways. So why use the copy of a human that somehow starts to remember his previous life? Why an army of Jacks. Why didn't those Jacks frown when they saw each other?
Then the glorious plan "Fly a bomb up to the ship to destroy it." Sounds a lot like Independence Day. The thing is that it was somewhat plausible in Independence day why that ship was let in. In Oblivion it wasn't at all.

So conclusion: No moment that catches you really and then not even a believable story.

I wish you well