Big change time for me. I was with a customer in Kelowna the last 9 Months. That has now ended, the residency wasn't extended. So will be sent to a new customer now. Not sure yet where or who it will be.

The other change is my WorkPermit. It ran out on April 3rd. The new work permit is in work so I am currently in a floating state. Hope I will soon get it. I don't like uncertainty like that at all. It stresses me.

Now that I wrote that down it's not really that much but it feels like a lot. Oh, and yes. One year in Canada.
time runs ... so should I look back now? Probably.

It was a good year. Meeting new people, being with friends, interesting work and some nice challenges along the way. Then there is also the nature around here. The drive through the Rockies or the driving with the ferry to Vancouver Island always brings a smile to my face. Of course there was also rough time. Especially around Christmas. That basically had two reasons. First of course not being with my family and the second was traditions. My family has certain traditions each Christmas. They build the frame and give security. Those were different this year, partially because I was not home. 

I look forward to the coming year and what it will bring. May it be good or bad. I learn from everything and make the next step.

I wish you well