Yesterday I finally installed the SMC/SPA vApp. Well a co-worker did and I did the configuration. It worked better than expected. A couple of minor problems but all in all it was pretty easy and straight forward.

First had to assign gatekeeper devices to all ESXi hosts. Nothing special there. We choose to assign 8, 4 per HBA. When then was done we scanned for the new devices on the ESXi and created the raw device mapping in the configuration of the virtual machine. Boot the vApp so we see the devices.

When the vApp was up I connected via the browser to https://<IP>:5480 and logged in with seconfig (default password: seconfig). Ok, granted I didn't login right away but changed the password first. The GUI is rather simple. First I added the licenses on the "License Validation" tab and then did a discover on the "Command Execution" tab. That was all that was necessary there. I haven't figured out yet what the "GateKeeper Config" tab does. You have to put in an ESX server name, user and password. So far everything works so I don't bother with it.

Next was SMC and that was where my problems started. Default user for SMC is smc with password smc. Unfortunately the user smc has no rights on the connected systems. We used a different user in the past. Because I do not have any manageable system attached, I can not create a local user. So had to go to a different system and allow the access for the user smc via symauth. Login to SMC again and now I could create the local user we used before.

Finally SPA. Since I already created our old user in SMC, it was simply a matter of logging in and activate the data collection for the DMX.

Room for improvement

So what could be better.
All in all everything was pretty easy. No big surprises. I am already curious about the first update we will do with the system. Since it is so simple the documentation also is pretty short which at first had the impression of not being properly documented. But it is up and running like a charm.

I wish you well