Far too long

Yep, far too long since I posted something.

So what happened lately? Last week I had my first performance review with Helga. Nothing spectacular. Rest of the week I was in Kamloops. First three days of shadowing, learning a bit more about the VPLEX. From what I have seen so far it is pretty neat. First of all it is a Linux system. So easy for me to dig through. What it does is pretty straight forward even though there is a lot of intelligence behind the scenes. Friday I was then with the customer again, but at his second location in Kamloops. Also had some mails going back and forth and an escalation call.

This week is nothing too dramatic. Back in Kelowna again for work. More calls and mails to the problem but I think we slowly reach a point that will allow us to finally fix the issue. After all the customer is fighting with it for over a year. Main problem is that it doesn't happen too often.

On the more private side, I saw Oz in 3D last Friday. Jen, Dave and Maddening. Was good to see Maddening again. Was far too long since we last met. Oz was good, I did like it and it looked really good in 3D. Saturday was a bit busy but OK. Sunday we went to the fair in Mission. Mason and Jamie had a blast and I enjoyed the sun and the fresh are. Bryan and his son were there too. In the evening it was then back to Kelowna. The drive was great. The weather was awesome and I had company. Dave drove with me back to Kelowna.

Besides that I look forward to a nice long weekend. Next week I will be in Kamloops again.

I wish you well,