Time is rushing by

Already another week done. So what happened ... Fighting with the new Android secuirty system for adb. Got an update for Snappea, so can finally connect my Nexus again via USB. So backing up data and sending text messages using my keyboard now works again. Also Airdroid is working on a v2 that doesn't need a direct LAN connection anymore. Tried it today and didn't work. Well it is still beta, but it would make a couple of things a lot easier.

Also had my first Violin lesson last week. Was awesome. Have to practice now, but looking forward to it. Talked a bit with Andrea Taylor from the Pat Chessell Band.

Weekend was ok, not too much going on but also not boring. Took the Jamie and Mason to the park. I needed some fresh air and sun to recover from the long night before and the boys ... well they are boys. If they can run around, they will. Sunday morning was somewhat special. After I was on skype with my family (Leni was excited to see me) we had a little "Online Stammtisch". Was great to see and talk with Alti, SMD and Tom again. Then it was off to Langley to meet up with Ken and Jen. Ice skating with the boys. Mason is really getting into it. He is getting really fast.

Sunday night the drive back to Kelowna. Rained in the valley which turned into snow in the mountains. But all in all it wasn't too bad. I made a stop at the summit and took a little power nap. I needed it.

I wish you well

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