Stress and some recreation

So the weekend before we listened to the Whiskeydicks. They are awesome and I enjoyed listening to them. The weekend was a long one since Monday was family day in BC.

Spent the week in Victoria. Unfortunately it was a pretty stressful week. We had a Sev 1. Was busy with supporting the whole process of finding out what and why happened. Constantly checking the case, where it is right now, make sure that someone worked on it.

Friday was then back to Mission, well actually Abbotsford because we had our ball room dance lessons again. This time it was the Waltz. So far the dance I like most. We have three more lessons left. Afterwards it was off to the Dublin and finally to Jens dad for the Jam Session. I am not really sure if I am happy that the Dublin is now open till 2:30, a full hour longer. This means the Jam session starts an hour later. I fell asleep again and since I am the driver had to get awake again. So Fridays are in general pretty long for me.

I took these when I was on the ferry from Vancouver Island back to the main land.

Saturday was a great day for me. Spend a bit of time in Langley. Enjoyed the sun, checked a couple of stores and in general just had a great time. For lunch I checked out Nandos. Was very good. Had a chicken pita and some cowl slaw.So Saturday was a big recreation day for me.

My mobile also surprised me on Saturday. Got my update to Android 4.2.2. So far no problems and it runs good. There are two changes however. The developer options are now hidden, you have to go to the Phone settings and click seven times on the built. They also implemented a white list for devices that are allowed to use the development stuff via USB.  So from now on you get a pop up the first time you try to connect to your Android and have to accept it.

Also nice was when I arrived on Sunday night at the motel again and was told I will get a free upgrade from now on if they have the bigger room available.

Besides that ... nothing really new ...

I wish you well

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