Last couple of days

So drove back to Mission on Friday. The weather was great. Sunny, here and there some clouds. Only down into the valley it got cloudy. But that was also a big plus. It was a great sunset. Best was when there was just a bit fog and the golden sun. Because of the fog it looked like the valley was flooded with golden sunlight.

Later Jen and I were at the dance lessons again and afterwards at the Dublin Crossing. Here some pictures.

Afterwards the usual jam session. It was great fun. Saturday started with the "trying to get awake", but instead of heading to Mission we went to Jens mom. It was Pats birthday this week and Ken had to fix her car also. Took the boys home to Mission and Jen and Ken had their night out.

Wasn't up too too long and slept like a dead. Got woken at 7:00 by the boys. They wanted breakfast. It was still dark outside so told them to sleep a bit more. At 8:00 I got up and made them breakfast.

I also called Germany. Talking and seeing the family was great. Leni really grows up fast. We threw kisses back and forth.

By now Jen and Ken are on their way back. As soon as they are here we will pack the boys and head out for some Ice Skating.