Cooking again

So drove to Kelowna yesterday. Weather wasn't that nice. it was snowing up to the summit and about half the way to Merritt. Shortly before the summit there was an accident in the opposite direction. A big SUV tumbled over. If it would have been in my direction I would have been stuck for a while.
Halfway from Merritt to Kelowna there was again snow on the street but it at least wasn't snowing. then came the usual fog. Had to drive really slow because I could barely see the markings on the street.

Work day was nothing special. Lot of small things. I try to keep track of them to put all that in my weekly status report.

And then there was dinner .... yummy. First roasted some curry, pepper powder and garlic, put in chicken strips, added later mushrooms, sweet red peppers and olives. Let that all reduce for a bit so there wasn't that much fluid left. Added sour cream and Feta. So you could say it had a mediterranean touch. Also made some noodles. This was the result.

Main problem was the limited amount of utensils. Only had one proper pot so had to make the noodles first, get them out then make the rest.

I wish you well


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