Well, lets see

What happened the first couple of weeks this year. A lot and yet ... not much.

Got  the message that a friend back in Germany died in in the night from 31.12.2012 to 01.01.2013. I know one thing for sure, he will be missed. So the start into the new year was't that good.

What else? Ah yes, ball room dance lessons. Jen got her Christmas present, we started the ball room dance lessons. Friday evening for one hour. First dance was the Cha Cha. We have fun.

Besides that I was in Kelowna. When I drove there last Sunday it started to snow and pretty much snowed the whole Monday. So there was quite some snow. Temperature was also pretty low but at the end of the week it got warmer and most of the snow was then gone. The drive back home was still challenging. There was still snow on the Highway as well as ice. The kind of ice that is created when cars and trucks drive over snow and compress it. In other words part of the tires could have been on the road others on this ice plates. Was stuck at the summit for about 30 minutes. There was an accident. When I stopped I put the heating on full power for a bit and then turned the motor off. When we went on later it was still a good temperature in the car. Time was tight then. Quickly ate then went to the dance lessons. After that it was off to Burnaby for Matts Birthday. Was a good party.

I moved my domain silicoid.de to a different hoster. I have a gallery and a wordpress installation for the pages. Will see if I move silicoids-world.de also. We will see.

Anything else .... Oh yes. I visited Bryan in the hospital. Boy, was he happy to see me. He wasn't allowed to leave the ward without someone going with him. Apparently the food on the ward isn't that good. We went down to the cafeteria and had a awesome two hour dinner.

Think that is all for today ...

I wish you well