More often

So I will try to post something more often. I really do ...

Jen had her first open mic yesterday. From what I heard it went really good. Congrats!

Weather seems to get better. When I left the motel this morning there was actual sunshine and blue sky ... at least some. Now that is noon there are again more clouds but the occasional patch of blue sky is still visible. Maybe I do a photo sphere when I leave today or tomorrow.

When it comes to Android I discovered a new little tool called SnapPea. For those who have something like Samsung Kies this is probably not interesting. It is basically a front end that let you backup your contacts, apps and messages. You can install things and take screenshots. The nice thing is you can also use it to send messages so you do not have to fumble with your phone. I had AirDroid before which is also pretty good it just has the problem that you have to be in the same network as your mobile. Well here at work I am with my laptop in the company network and with my mobile in a guest wireless. So no connection.

That is all for now.

I wish you well

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