Approaching the end

Been in Kelowna for the first part of the month. Was in Victoria last week. Of course as soon as I wasn't there and the main person on the customer side was on vacation things escalated. So spend a lot of time with remote support. It seems the problem I found last week was the problem. At least it is a good indication of what the problem was. I discovered a lot of IOs to one of the VNX privat LUNs. I first was told I cna ignore those. Now we know the filesystem log is on that LUN and that it is very busy which leads to a slow down of the whole system.

But yeah, approaching the end. We survived the Apocalypse. THE DOCTOR DID IT! We also approach the end of the year and that is usually a time for reflection. Looking back at my year it was surely eventful. Quitting my job, moving to Canada, starting at EMC, ... just to name the big things. It was a good year and I hope the next year will be a bit more relaxed, but I highly doubt it. I do love it in Canada and do want to stay. That is for sure. In January the application for the Work Permit is due. I already filled out all the papers just to be told that changes are probably coming up so I don't have to send them in yet ... great. Well at least I have all the data collected now. Worst case some fields are moved around. 

For various reasons the last week till the end of the year will be emotionally ... interesting. First of course because it is my first Christmas not being at home with my family. My mom and sister moved out of the house last week. Things will slow down now and I will have more time to think about all that happens. 

In general: YAY this year.

I wish you well

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