Why google, WHY?

So last week I forced a check in to see if I get the new android version. Since then, Google Navigation didn't work anymore. It searched for the location forever even though it showed it had a fix. No problems with Google Maps, GPS Essentials or any other.

I got 4.2 yesterday and hoped the problem would be gone by then. I found an article that I should check Settings>Local access>Wi-Fi & mobile network location. All on and enabled so that wasn't the problem. I remembered that I got a question regarding location settings after I forced the check in. Maybe I did something wrong there. So forced the check-in again ... was only the question if it is ok to share anonymous GPS data with google.

Today I figured it out when I opened google now. It told me that the location services for the google apps is off. Why google? Why have an a different setting for the google products. Why didn't Navigation tell me that. Why did Google maps work?

Anyways, I can Navigate again.

I wish you well,