It's been a while

Has been a while since I wrote something. Can't even say what happened since last time. Maybe too much, maybe not much at all. Can't really say.

I got a VDI desktop at work. Wasn't able to really connect to it at first. Problem seems to be that PCoIP doesn't work from the customer site to EMC, but RDP did work. So using RDP now. Big benefit of VDI is that I do not need to dial in to use a full Outlook client or the office communicator. I also can access internal websites at any time without the hassle of dialing in. This means I do not have to close all connections any time I want/need to work within the company network.

Remaining problem was that I need to transfer files from my laptop to the VDI and back. As an example if I want to email a log file. VDI allows me to connect to an USB device. Somehow however this doesn't work for me. When I clock on the USB device it gets removed from my laptop but doesn't show up in VDI. Maybe because I use RDP instead of PCoIP. Opened a ticked for that. At the same time this would mean I have to have a USB stick constantly available. So looked thought about it and came to the conclusion: Cloud  storage. Problem here again is not every cloud storage system is reachable. Either it is blocked at EMC or at the customer site. Then of course the storage has to be somewhat secure. In the end I decided to use Oxygen. It works at the current customer site and EMC, encrypts data and even has a storage connector so you can connect your own storage to it. There are connectors for EMC Atmos, EMc Isilon and EMC VNX.

Right now I am pretty happy with the Solution and it already makes things easier for me. I probably will say more about it in the future.

To close this post something funny at the end

Oh, and this is Jen at the Jam session last Friday

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