Got december back

Got my update to 4.2 on Monday, in other words, December was missing in the people app. Wednesday i got my update to 4.2.1 so I have December back now.

I do like the Swype like keyboard. I also like the new photo sphere. I didn't get HDR pictures. Apparently HDR is done on the drivers, not the app. Means I have to stick with my other HDR app.

Unfortunately there is one thing I would love to see that still isn't there: a better solutions when Voice2Text fails. I am a big fan of Voice2Text and use it rather often. Sometimes however it doesn't recognize what I said properly. The "delete" is only visible for a short time.  I hope Google comes up with a better solution if there needs to be something corrected.

The other thing is that the mic button on the keyboard is a bit small. Would be nice to have a bigger button or a easier method to start Voice2Text.

I wish you well