Good weekend, nice view and awesome food

Weekend was awesome. Visited Aron and Kaitlin on friday. Was nice to see them an just hang out for a while.

Saturday started with a surprise (thanks Mason). We then got busy with cleaning the house and then we had a party at saturday night. A couple of good people and a good time.

Drive on sunday night back to Kelowna was great. Clear night sky, bright moon, surrounded by mountains with snow and the roads were clear. If I wouldn't have been that tired from last night I probably would have stopped and enjoyed it a bit more.

Monday I cooked for myself again. It was awesome. Turkey fillet with feta on top and zucchini on the side. Plus a bit guacamole. Later talked with friends online. Some talks were nicer than other but in general a good evening.

And here my creation:

I wish you well,

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