Ok, so it has been far too long since I wrote anything. About time that I do that again.

But what happened? So much and yet not really.

Was in Victoria for two weeks. First couple of days of the first week my mom and my sister where there with me. We had a good time there. The weather gods where in a good mood. Had Thanks Giving dinner together at Pats house. Was really nice and good. Next day we went to the Vancouver Aquarium. Was a very nice trip and we saw a dolphin and a beluga whale show. Last dinner together with the Farleys, my mom and my sister was at Boston Pizza in North Vancouver. After that I drove my family to their hotel for the final good bye. Next day I was heading to Victoria while they where heading back to Germany.

And now to this week. What can I say I have a bit of bench time. A nice change, could get some things done. Speaking of which, I have a new car. A "Jeep Patriot North", 4 cylinder, 2.4 l. Space not too too bad on gas and ... AWESOME ;-)

After I got the car I met up with Maddening. Had dinner with him. Was nice to see him again and hope to see him again soon.

And on a site note I worked a bit on my Work Permit/PR.