I can't stop!

Before I come to the "I can't stop!": Had an appointment today at Canadien Tire to get my winter tires on my car. I ordered tires and rims. So dropped my car off in the morning. At around noon I got a call, the rims don't fit my car. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I gave those guys the exact model of my car and now the rims don't fit. So decided they should get my current tires off of my rims and put the winter tires on. Will get rims next spring.

Now to the can't stop. As you all know (If you don't THEN READ MY BLOG!!!) I made Gulasch yesterday ... well kinda. I let it cook for the rest of the day yesterday on low heat. Today I got beans and chilies and turned it into a chili. Damn, it's so good ... and HOT. It is probably at the upper level of hot that I can still eat and  enjoy. Every time I walk by that damn pot I have to take a spoon and eat a bit. I am full but I can't stop ... HELP ME, I AM ADDICTED TO MY OWN FOOD!

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