Cloud Atlas

Hmmmm ... I liked it.

Several stories told at the same time. You get a bit of one, then the next one, then the next one, then the first one again, then a new one ...

Why do I like the movie?

It looks good. It has nice special effects, the costumes are good and the actors do a great job. You look for them in the various stories. Sometimes you recognize one right away, sometimes it takes a bit and sometimes you do not recognize them at all. The other thing is that you start to like or dislike a character pretty quickly. In one story you like the character a actor plays in the next one you don't. In one he is one of the main characters in the next one he just plays a small role.

I like that you do not have a happy or bad ending. Some stories end good, some bad, others just end. I think every single story could have been a whole movie on their own. Mixing them together like that gives them a different quality.

I read books in the past where you have to follow a couple of characters and everyone has his own story. Wit the books I sometimes hat the wish to read more about one character or didn't care much about the story of another. I didn't have that with this movie. When the stories switched I never thought "no, go back" or "not that boring one".

The only thing is I know I missed a lot of details. Maybe I will watch it again. Maybe even get it on DVD. It certainly will be interesting to explore it further. Maybe not and just leave it in my memory as it is ....

I wish you well.

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