A new week

This week didn't start that well ... if you consider Sunday as the first day of the week ...

Drove to Kelowna last night and first there was this ...hole. I swear he wanted to get me angry. He overtook me, then went slow, so I had to overtake him. Then he went faster again, he overtook me again, then slow again ... you see the pattern. Why do i think he did it on purpose? When I overtook him he usually matched my speed and tried to stay beside me, even if I went faster. I went slower so he would just get away from me, he went slower. This went on till he left for a rest. 

Next thing was then between Merrit and Kelowna. Really dense fog. Visibility below 50 meters. Thank god not too long. 

Then I arrived in Kelowna, unpacked ... damn, I forgot the power plug for my private laptop. So I have to use my company one now, which limits the things I can do. There is no skype on it and I can not install it. GREAT!

To finalize that shitty start I also forgot my work phone at home. I put it aside because I didn't want to take it to the Helloween party (WHICH WAS AWESOME BY THE WAY! I WANT MORE CRAB DIP!). So forgot to put it back on my belt.

Work was good, best thing I can write a script, something I didn't do in quite some time.
I also cooked something tonight .... not sure what it is ... a stew. I first wanted to make Gulasch and Semmelkn√∂del, but the bun wasn't good anymore. So I started with just the Gulasch, which got a little indian touch when I added curry powder. But was good, still have some left and might turn it into a chilly tomorrow ...

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