Ok ok

Yes, its been a while since I wrote something ... not really feeing bad about it :-p


First of I was at Odins Playground last weekend. I did like it. Way different then Clinton. But has its own charm. I enjoyed my time there. Met a couple of new people which was really good. Always good to meet new people. Wouldn't have minded if it were longer. Good thing is I didn't spend huge amounts of money.

Was in Seattle at the Isilon HQ during the week. Was an interesting week. A couple of interesting cases. There was a almost dead cluster. Was a long fight to get it back on track. Interesting for me, bad for the customer of course. Now that I had a bit closer look at the system some of the glitter is gone, but still think it is an awesome product. Will get even better with the release of Mavericks. A bunch of new features that really make a difference. I do hope that I will soon have a customer which actually has an Isilon.

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