Experimenting again

So I used kubuntu for quite a while. A good distribution and I was quiet happy with it. But somehow the feeling crept up that KDE doesn't get the attention it deserves I switched. Plus I had a new laptop which kinda made it even easier. So I tried OpenSUSE. It worked well. Only problem was the Radeon card in my laptop. I had to set "nomodeset" for the kernel so I could see anything. But somehow it didn't catch me. One of my favorite KDE programs was pretty old. Yes there is the KDE playground but that changes a lot in the system.

I remembered the old days when I ran Gentoo. The nice thing about Gentoo is that it is a rolling update system. This leads to a more up to date system. Plus it was also pretty easy to just get newer versions of a couple of packages without going completely bleeding etch. Yes, there were problems when one of those newer versions also required newer libraries which had additional dependencies. But I then had the choice to wait for the rest of the system to catch up or to also update those for now. The only thing I didn't like about Gentoo was that I usually had to compile a lot which simply took time. I want the newer version NOW ;-).

I knew there were other similar distributions and one of the most popular probably is ARCH. So I tried it. Maybe I should have put more effort into it, but the installation process scared me away. No, wait. Not the process but the documentation of it. The installation is pretty much the same as Gentoo. You create your partitions and filesystems, put the software on there, chroot into it finilaize everything and install the bootloader. The thing is the documentation wasn't good. At least not as good as the Gentoo installation guide.

Then I discovered Chakra. It is a ARCH fork and a pure KDE distribution. Have the OpenSource gods finally answered my prayers and brought me MT distribution? I installed it yesterday. Did everything run smoothly? No. There were some minor things, but all in all it gave me a good looking and usable KDE desktop. Then I saw the clock ... 1pm. Ohoh, so off to bed quickly.

I already look forward to explore it more. There will be more things that don't work or that I do not like but I have a better feeling then I had with ARCH.

The one thing I already don't like compared to Gentoo is that I have my distribution which uses pacman, but then there are the community packages which use different commands. Well not entirely. You have additional commands that basically can download and create a pacman installable package and then install it via pacman. It seems in ARCH you can choose between several commands, but none of them is installed nor part of the standard ARCH environment. You have to download and build them yourself and then you can use them. This is especially frustrating if you need the drivers for your graphic card from the community archive. With Chakra you can simply install a frontend and use the community archive. Common ARCH, I know you want to give your users a 'pure' system, but a little help would be nice.