Why the cloud doesn't work

I like cloud services. I like the idea of being able to access my most important documents, pictures and mails everywhere. I use dropbox and since I am an android user of course the various Google cloud products.
I have important documents saved on dropbox as well as google drive. Encrypted of course. I have my passwords safe on there as well.
Files are synced locally so I can access them everytime and as soon as I have a internet connection changes are synced. Of course I have to be careful to not edit a file in two places and then sync. I don't loose anything but I usually end up with two files that I then have to sync. A minor thing. So everything is great.

So why doesn't the cloud work. Or why doesn't it work for me ( yet I still use it). I started a job at a new company a couple of months back. I am at different sites of different clients on a regular basis. Thats where the problem start. The security teams of my own company and those of the clients. A could service that might work within my company network (e.g. dialed in via VPN) doesn't work at the client site and vice versa.

I don't want to have a ton of could service providers and then move files from one to the other so I might just be able to access them. I want to be able to choose my provider. Why are companies so afraid of those providers. The answer is simple ... ignorant employees. People store sensible data on those cloud services and do not protect the data properly.

As an example (not really cloud service but still) I take part in a discussion on how people manage their passwords. I use my password safe and store the file in dropbox. Pretty secure. Then just today there was someone who told everybody that she uses outlook tasks ...

So I do understand that companies try to protect sensible data by blocking cloud services like sugarsync, dropbox, google drive ....
At the same time it simply doesn't allow me to work in a more efficient way.

So hooray cloud, you are nice but people aren't ready for you.