A week of training

Was in Milford, MA last week. A one week training at the EMC training center. Three days "Isilon Administration" and two days "Isilon Integration". I think Isilon has a lot of potential. The base is good and solid, but there is also some functionality missing. From what I heard a lot of that will be added with 7.0 release "Mavericks".

Nice thing was also to meet a couple of direct colleagues (same department) and some colleagues from the company. Now I will have to go through the material and study it further. I probably will also order a VDC environment to deepen everything. Next step then will be the certification.

The flight back was stressful. Left Boston and arrived late in Toronto. Had to go through passport control, get my luggage (which took forever), go through customs, drop my luggage off again, another security check and then find my gate and get on the plane. Ii made it but just barely. Getting my luggage in Vancouver also took quite some time and then had to find the shuttle to the long term parking.

Here now something I don't understand. Why isn't there a easier route from the airport to the highway 1? Seriously. Was finally home shortly after 3 am. Couldn't really sleep unfortunately.

Saturday I met Sarha, Kens niece. His surprise. In the evening we drove out to Langley to celebrate Jessicas birthday. Unfortunately this night I didn't sleep well either. Woke up pretty exhausted and my back and neck was sore. Actually they are still sore. Tonight I will drive to Kelowna again.