So what is happening

Was in Kelowna last week. Got some things done at the customer site. Drive back from Kelowna was intersting. Just as I started  the wind got stronger. Dust was blown everywhere and it soon started to rain. I would say it was an intense rain. When I got into the mountains the weather changed constantly. Sometimes a bit rain, sometimes sun. Made a 10 minutes stop for a little power nap.

Then yesterday I got Jelly bean, but that was already covered in a different post ;-)

So what are the plans? Ken and Jen will be at a reunion and the boys will be at Nanas house. I will probably go and either watch Spiderman or the Dark Night.

Tomorrow morning I will have to work. Should be done in an hour. "Transforming" NAS EFD space into SAN EFD space. So removing the shares and filesystems, deleting the LUNs and create a new LUN to present via FC. Nothing too exciting.

Coming week I will have the Symmetrix Performance Workshop as an online instructer led training. Only problem is that it is not really clear when it will start. It says it starts at 9am CST. That should be 7am my time, but the Outlook calendar I got says 6am ... Well will be ready at 6am. Worst case I will keep myself busy for an hour.

After that my first vacation. We will go up to Clinton for a bit over a week of camping.