Not a good weekend

So yeah, this weekend wasn't the best. Not the worst either but certainly not the best.

I simple get highly frustrated if I have an appointment, go there and the whole thing blows into my face. Wanted to get some additional stuff repaired on my car. They told me it will take about 5 to 6 hours. Made an appointment for Saturday. Went there, was about to give them the key and then the guy told me it will take till tuesday. HELLO? I need that car to get to work. So cancelled and rescheduled. Not really sure if I let them do it now or go to a different shop.

In addition some other things didn't happen as planned. Plus some additional frustration after I left today to head for Kelowna. Hope this will be all good again tomorrow.

Good thing this weekend was that I got some german bread on friday and some Leberwurst on saturday. So had a good old Leberwurstbrot. Jen liked it, her stomach not so much.

So yeah. I am in Kelowna now and this greeted me on the edge of my bath tub: