A good work week

Drove to Kelowna on Monday. I should have rested a bit or maybe I was too lazy on Monday., maybe I should have eaten something lighter. About 30 minutes after I started to got tired. But I arrived safely. So all is good. Did a quick stop on the road to stretch a bit and move. That helped. Wanted to take a picture but didn't have my SD card in my camera. Did't want to dig it out of the suitcase. So no picture was taken.

Didn't sleep that well last night. Constantly woke up during the night. Just wanted to go back to bed when my alarm woke me. But work was good. Worked 10 hours today. I think main reason was that I had fun working this afternoon. You know why. Perl. After quite some time I was able to write a perl script again. There is still a little bug in it but I think I will have that fixed quickly tomorrow morning. Plus I took some shortcuts. I probably will regret that later but I wanted a working version before I leave tomorrow. I probably will leave earlier since I worked two extra hours today.

Will have to have a quick talk with the customer tomorrow and confirm where he wants me next week. Either Kelowna or Kamloops.

It's now almost 22:00 and I feel exhausted but not really tired. So will try to have some sleep soon and hope it will work out better then last night.