First vacation coming up

Another week in Canada almost over. This week I had a online training. I took the Symmetrix Performance Workshop. It was quiet interesting. You learn more about the inner workings of the Symm and how to diagnose things. Training started at 7am my time, which was ok. Not too early. After all you should pay attention in class. At the same time that meant that I didn't travel around this week which was also something nice.

I also was happy to talk with people back in Germany. Was good to hear from home and how things are there. Talking with them was really good. I hope I will be able to talk with one of my best friends back in Germany before I leave this weekend. I really do miss talking with her

Leave? Yes, leave. Heading for a bit over one week camping trip. But that is not all. I will run around in medieval garb. I do look forward to it and I will post pictures here.